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The Journey within

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

In yoga, we acknowledge that the journey begins when we allow ourselves to let things go,  in order to create space for new things, opportunities, or experiences.  Often, that sense of release occurs when being still-- for me its especially after a dynamic Asana practice. When you are still you are able to take everything in, you can sit and observe your surroundings, and your internal workings. Through the stillness, the quiet, you can go deeper.  Every time you close your eyes and sit still, even if for a few moments, you allow yourself to peel away layers of yourself.

Do you ever eat Ferrero Rocher's( If you don't know what these are its a chocolate with hazelnut filling in the center) by biting them in half, revealing the best part, the gooey hazelnut centre? You know with every box of these chocolates there is that sweet gooey deliciousness inside, you just have to take that first bite to discover it.  That sweetness, authentic-ness, wholeness,  truth, love, or whatever word you would like to use, is within every single human being, you just have to take that first  little bite to tap into it.  Seek it out, and you shall find it.

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